Accurate predictive astrology using scientific methodology

Human life is an expression of Cosmic energy. The cosmic energy is the sum and total of the rays of several planets in cosmos. Therefore, they have an indirect, but active, effect on human life and activity. Astrology is the science that studies the quantity and quality of such effect promoted by ancient Seers who visualized the oneness of human-cosmic energy system. Bhrigu Nadi Astrology is one such methodology of Indian Astrology.

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Suseela Avvaru

He provides solutions/remedies for my problems and have yielded 100% results. He is very gifted and I'm forever grateful to him.

Bhavana Pottabatula‎

Thank you for analyzing my handwriting and showing me how the intricacies of our personality manifest in our handwriting. It was amazing how you could pinpoint my core personality traits. My fascination with this experience has motivated me to study graphology for myself. Thank you for inspiring me!

Sangeetha Narayanan

Not to miss/meet this astrologer for our astrology needs. Excellent predictions and customer service!

Balaji Ramanujam

I vividly remember about 20 years ago you predicted that I will not be in service later in my career but will be running my own business successfully. I'm pleasantly surprised that your prediction was spot on

Arup Banerjee

I am really pleased by your accurate predictions about my son...God bless you....A.K.Banerjee